He drank until he thought he would drown, finally staggering over to lean panting against a woman's stone leg. And he had to fight or die or end up ignominiously captured. Having in all their lives till then crossed nothing wider than a layer, Leib and Chaiya graduated to crossing oceans.

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  • He discovered that Jupiter had a little retinue of moons circling it, the inner ones orbiting faster than the outer ones, just as Copernicus had deduced for the motion of the planets about the Sun. Radmer hands the binoculars over, and the payload, examining the glints more closely, gasps. Then it's pretty clear it isn't Dolly's gun, or at least it wasn't Dolly who hid it under the mattress. It would then send the changeling, now wearing Harry's clothing, out to Harry's guards, who must be bespelled not to notice the exchange, and drive out of the gates as innocent as an angel. The older woman came out, puzzled, and asked, What's going on?
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  • She peeked around the frame, and saw a glossy yellow taxi at the broken curb. Chapter Twenty-Six The man in black was saying something about how only the farmers had been the winners.
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  • Of course I would have to, in order to handle even a tenth so much. Even if he did confess to temporary insanity and agree to go off with them, didn't they understand there was just no way he could convince Hunnar and Captain Ta-hoding and the rest of the Slanderscree's crew to do likewise?
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  • And maybe we can dampen down that broadcast scheme a little. It was not the name, but the tone of voice and the form of address that seemed to convince the soldier. To most eyes, it would look like nothing more than a small rock indent in the land, but the trained observer would be able to tell the camouflage around a redoubt entrance. The others congregated at the mouth of the maze, listening breathlessly. She visualized the shields, not as physical objects in Einsteinian space, which they technically weren't, but as vectors in phase space--the way they were meant to be visualized.
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